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Cox Email is a service that is free of cost to be used by businesses. Just by configuring the devices, you can send & receive Cox Business Email since most of the third-party email clients are there on computers and other devices. It has custom Cox Email settings, allows faster attachments sending. Spam security & Email signature improves the performance of the account. Email is a great way to keep up with friends, family, and business associates around the world. This guide will help you set up your Mac laptop or desktop to access your Cox email account using the built-in Mail program. Cox provides settings and server names to help you get the most out of your email. For incoming and outgoing Cox emails server settings need to be filled accurately. There are some settings that you can alter to your Cox mail account. In this article, we will take you through the various changes that you can make to your Cox email account.

Cox Webmail Settings

Firstly we will learn the basics, so let’s start with the Cox webmail settings. Don’t forget to reload the page so that the settings will reflect.

  • For preferred language, use the language panel.
  • Choose the time zone.
  • Every time when you will log into Cox mail, you can pick a default page that will load automatically.
  • You can also enable or disable – auto signs out.
  • In the Profile menu, edit your basic information.
  • There is an option to change the theme also.
  • Notification settings, Passwords can also be changed. 

What are the Server Settings for Cox Email?

If you are a businessman or operating business and are worrying about what cox business email server settings, then relax we will make you understand everything. Through this blog, we will guide you on how to operate Cox Email for business purposes, Changing Cox Email Settings, etc,

Let’s start with setting up the Cox email(Cox Email settings)?

To set up a cox email server settings for the business email follow these steps:-

  • Log into your Cox Account
  • Go to settings
  • In the incoming mail server column, make sure is mentioned and Port is set to 995.
  • should be recommended for outgoing mail servers with the port value- 465.
  • should be recommended for Imap mail servers with port value – 993.
  • The webmail address –
  • key in, in the control panel option
  • MX record value in Cox email should be
  • Maximum message size – 40 MB
  • Despite the size of the mail, an account maximum can hold 10,000 emails.
  • A single account can hold a maximum of 2 GB data.
  • Cox email address – Username.
  • For the authentication method, use plain text or pop before using SMTP settings.

Dealing any issue with Cox Mail Server Settings, Cox Email Settings Call us now —— or chat with our support anytime. 

Cox Email IMAP Settings

You can manage emails via email clients, such as Windows Mail, Outlook, Apple Mail, in IMAP servers. Some features stated below that only IMAP allows, POP does not.

  • The new email is accessible in case of simultaneous multiple access at any time from any client device.
  • The information of the sender and header to be downloaded in case of Partial fetch that gives more storage.
  • Exchange of communication between client devices and the email server increases the server stability.
  • By accessing the same mailbox, Actions to a message will be seen on any client device. 
  • Based on different criteria, the server can be explored for particular messages that let the user download only the messages they require.

POP Settings of Cox Email

In POP/POP3 servers you can manage emails via email clients (mostly when managing email from a single device). 

  • Email sync problems might arise if you use POP settings on multiple devicesTo resolve this, you fix the email client on the Server to Leave Messages.
  • Cox suggests you to continually check the mailbox size when you use setting Leave Messages on Server so that it never reaches the storage limit.

Changing to IMAP

From POP server settings to IMAP, Cox recommends for those important emails you want to save after the process, should take the back up of it.

  1. Set up a new IMAP email account, using the same email address connected with the POP settings in your email client.
  2. POP email account – Disable or Erase.

The following can be the reason if your email doesn’t show in your new IMAP-configured email account:

  • Leave Messages on Server setting is not enabled in POP-configured email account.
  • There is some issue with the configuration.
  • Some settings to an incoming email are applied.
  • Intentional or unexpected human activity. 

We are confident that after following these steps, you will not get any error for setting up the Cox Email Account or in any type of Cox Email Settings. If you are getting any such error, then reach out to us for such issue.

How to setup Cox email server settings on the iPhone?

Cox emails are the webmail service that is secured with the most advanced email security features. Cox email login has settings of customized email and email attachments that can be sent faster. Features like email signature and spam protection improve account performance. Cox emails can also be accessed with various other email clients and devices with effective email syncing. Server settings should be entered accurately for proper incoming and outgoing emails. 

Here are the steps to configure Cox email on iPhone

  • Open the iPhone device and tap on ‘Settings’.
  • Tap ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ and then click ‘Add Account’.
  • Tap ‘Others’ followed by ‘Add Mail Account’.
  • Fill the details correctly – ‘Name’, ‘Email Address’, ‘Password’ and ‘Description’.
  • Click ‘Save’ now.

Click ‘IMAP’ and under ‘Incoming Mail Server’ enter the details.

Host Name:

User Name: Coxmail email address

Password: Coxmail password

Next enter ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ details.

Host Name:

User Name: Cox email address

Password: Cox mail password

Click on ‘Save’ to save the settings.

Next select ‘Advanced’ and under ‘Incoming Settings’:

Slide ‘ON’ the ‘Use SSL’ option.

Enter ‘993’ as the ‘Server Port’.

Under ‘Outgoing Mail Server’:

Slide ‘ON’ the ‘Use SSL’ option.

Enter ‘465’ as the ‘Server Port’.

Not able to fix the Cox email server problems? Still facing Cox Email Settings error? Dial Cox email technical support phone number and connect with the experts for assistance. 

How do I set up my cox email on outlook?

One of the best email clients on the market right now is Microsoft Outlook. So, let us tell you about cox email settings for outlook & how to set it up. Steps to be followed: 

    • Open Microsoft Outlook
    • Click – File tab then – Account Settings.
    • Click – Email tab.
    • Now, new.
  • Go Next – server settings.
  • Choose the Cox email address and fill in the required information:
  1. Full name.
  2. Full Cox email address.
  • In ‘Type Account’
  • Click on POP3 and put the details:
  1. The incoming email – ‘
  2. The incoming port value – 110
  3. Outgoing email –
  4. Outgoing port value – 25
  • When asking for login information, then-
  • Cox email address.
  1. Password.
  2. Security – none.  

Click on Test Account Settings if no error pops out, congratulations your cox email on outlook is set up successfully.

Cox Outlook 2016 settings process is almost the same.

Below are the Cox Outlook 2010 settings: 

  • Open Outlook
  • Click on the Files tab.
  • In the ‘Account Information’ section, choose ‘Add Account.’
  • Click on ‘Manually Configure Settings’
  • Select ‘Internet Email.’
  • Click on Next
  • Fill all the user information.
  • Select POP3
  • In the Account information section write your email address, password and then Next.
  • Go to More Settings
  • Then in the Advanced Settings choose POP or IMAP.

Cox POP3 Email Settings For Outlook 2010

  • Incoming Port: 110, Outgoing Port: 587
  • General settings for POP
    • Secure – Port: 995 and Security Type: SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates)
    • Insecure – Port: 110 and Security Type: None (Accept all certificates)
  • Not ticked: This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)
  • Use the following type of encrypted connection is None

Cox IMAP Settings For Outlook 2010

  • Incoming Port: 143, Outgoing Port: 587
    • Secure – Port: 993and Security Type: SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates)
    • Insecure – Port: 143 and Security Type: None (Accept all certificates
  • Not ticked: This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)
  • Use the following type of encrypted connection is None
  • Click on ‘Next’.
  •  Ok – Save settings.
  •  Then, go Next – Finish.
  •  Check the Settings.

Now, On the Outlook 2016, also older versions like Outlook 2010, you can use Cox mail. 

Stuck somewhere in setting up, or with Cox Email Settings contact us now ——- for quick assistance. We are here to help you 24*7. 

What are the cox email settings for Mac?

Fast settings:

If you are familiar with setting up a mail account, and just want the settings, they are provided below. Otherwise, continue with this guide for simple instructions to set everything up.

User Name-The part of your email address before the @ sign.

Password-Your email password.

Account Type-IMAP

Incoming Mail

Incoming Mail Server Port-993

Incoming Mail Server Encryption-Yes, SSL

Outgoing Mail Server –

  • Outgoing Mail Server Port- 465 for SSL or SSL/TLS -587 for TLS or None

Add Cox Account to macOS

MacOS works by combining all your Internet accounts in one place. By adding your Cox account to your Internet Accounts list, the Mail program will set itself up automatically.

  1. Select the Apple menu, then select System Preferences.
  2. Choose the Internet Account & put Another Account.
  3. Choose the Email Account.
  4. Fill in the NameEmail Address, Password & Sign In.
  5. You may now launch the Mail program from your Dock or Applications to check your email.

Cox Email Not Operating Well, know the reasons here:

Cox Email being the most advanced, but also have some flaws. Some of the issues are given below:

  • Sign in issue in the Cox Email:  Forgotten password issue, sign in problems might be the reason here. You have to check for password recovery if it is not taking your password.
  • Cox’s limit exceeded: As mentioned above, there is a specified limit to send emails, check that you haven’t exceeded that. Also, check you are putting the correct email address.
  • Not working on Chrome or different browsers: This arises because of the similarity point of the browsers. If you are also facing such a browser issue, just check if the Cox email is safe with your web browser.
  • Password reset option not working: For the recovery, you should have added a recovery phone number or email address while setting up your account.
  • Not operating on iOS: If you know the IMAP/ POP settings, then there will not arise any issue for the same. 
  • Not receiving emails on Cox: You should time to time delete the old emails because this issue arises when the space getting exhausted. 
  • Cox email account has been hacked: First, just reset the password & check if you got the account back. If the hacker has changed the password recovery option then such a case can be serious.

We expect that after following the entire article, you will not get any error. If still, any such issue arises, reach out to us immediately at ———-. There might be insignificant adjustments with the Cox Email Settings, we will help you over a call.

Do let us know in the comment section below if we were helpful through this Cox email login blog

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